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Restaurant, Trattoria and Pizzeria…Where the difference is?

September 3rd, 2010

In Italy, we have, historically, three main categories that define the kind of food you can find in a certain ” eating place” and, normally, the level of quality and care put in the food and its preparation.

In the old time , when everything was transported by Horse powered vehicles, the men that were ” driving” that carriages, were called Trattori : the person that haul stuff.

So along the main roads, and specially at  the crossing of the most important ones,  places that were serving simple, local food, appeared for to give to the tired men a place where to drink some glasses of fresh wine and eat an hot plate of a popular recipe.

Until today, the Trattorie maintain this characteristic, simple local recipes, often with specific local products, wines that are produced there around  and  popular prices.

This doesn’t means that in an Italian trattoria you will find a second class food, but that you, normally can’t expect to find elaborated recipes from the international  cuisine as you can, normally, expect to find in an Italian Restaurant, that is for definition a place where a comfortable and refined ambiance hosts a not too big number of tables, and where the chefs and the waiters will try to give you a culinary experience, normally not finalized to fill your belly, but more close to a ” culinary orgasm” as some of the customers of the Il Giardino Italian Restaurant, described their dining experience.


Interior of Il Giardino Italian Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula with-Boruca-Masks-and-cozy-atmosphere Costa-Rica,-Fine-Dining,-Italian-Recipes,-Tropical-Contaminations-2.jpg

The third calss of  ” eating places “, after the Restaurant and the Trattoria, is, and this is a recent acquisition in the  Italian Scenario, the Pizzeria, that, as the word can easily let imagine, is oriented in serving pizza.

Normally these places, after the pizza,  offer some dessert too and,  more rarely serve some simple, popular pasta plates, and of the three categories is the cheaper one, where young people, not yet addicted to more elevated tastes, go, for to have some food, and spend some time in group, in an informal place that allow comportment, not allowed in the other two main categories of ” eating  places”.

So, we, at Il Giardino, decided to offer some Pizza too, for to try to fill the fan of possibilities for customers, but, be sure that pizza is just one of the dozen of recipes, some of them absolutely exclusive of our place, that range from the Traditional Italian to the Japanese, from the Contamiation, as we call that ones that are the result of adaptation due to the influence of local products, to the Experimental ones, that are appearing, randomly, in our Menu.

But, please, even if we prepare the best and most elaborated Pizza in the Osa Penisula, never think to us as just a Pizzeria.


The last entry in the Menu of Il Giardino, Italian restaurant in Puerto Jimenez : the Marlin with Butter and Basil and Spicy Sauce

Bananas Grow Everywhere in the Osa Peninsula, but became a great dessert only at Il Giardino Italian Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez

August 25th, 2010

One of the most common, and economic fruits, even if the bananas are vegetables nobody can avoid to call them " fruits", available in the whole Osa Peninsula, as everywhere in Costa Rica, are, obviously, Bananas. This doesn't means that you can find this great fruit in every soda, or restaurant, and you can't expect that this abundant fruit had been used in all the way that it deserve Read More...

Crab Ravioli with Crab sauce and Tomatoes

August 13th, 2010

We, at Il Giardino, are offering several of the most well known  Italian Recipes of Pasta, Fish and Meat, but when you don't see us, we are working in the back studying, preparing and prove samples of new sauces, stuff for our ravioli or some new, intriguing Pizza. We would have more time for this creative part of the work, but in a small Family Business, as our one  is, the routine activities, often, reduce the time available for experimenting Read More...

So Good Marlin Slabs deserve a New Recipe !!

August 6th, 2010

My friend Erick, from Puntarenas, brought me yesterday a beautiful piece of Marlin. It was a so good piece of fresh fish meat that I decide to try with it a recipe that I was working around in the last weeks. I notice that in our Menu, a little ambitious one, following my Wife Cecilia, there was a lack of some fish recipe with some really spicy taste, so I start doing some alchemy with several peppers, herbs, garlic and a variety of condensers for to create a white spicy sauce specific for fish recipes Read More...

Star Fruit sauce for Ice cream Topping

July 31st, 2010

Il Giardino, Italian Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez Osa Peninsula Tel . ++ 506 2 735 51 29 A Friend of us, Celeste, from Argentina, spent some time here around and she produced, for her family use and for to sell to few local people, a delicious marmalade of Star Fruit. It was so good that we, at Il Giardino, bought some cans of it, for to use as topping for Ice cream we serve as one of our desserts, but Celeste flew away and we had to continue a tradition we started , so I began to work over a personal variation of Celeste's sauce, adding something here and there and voila' here is the New Star Fruit sauce 2 Read More...

No Shortcuts to Glory….

July 23rd, 2010

We, at Il Giardino, believe that if you want to prepare one great Italian Recipe, or any other Cuisine in the World, you have to start from the beginning......ingredients! So, I go , every morning, to  see what the few good  shops in town have, and I buy what we need only when I find the right one, if the tomatoes are not as i like them in one shop, I go to the next, and if they are not good there too, sorry, we will not serve a Fresh Tomatoes Spaghetti prepared with not really mature tomatoes, at least for that day Read More...

Not only of Bread are nourished Men

July 20th, 2010

Yesterday, Sunday afternoon I had to prepare the stuff for Squash Ravioli, and I took the moment for to shoot Pictures of all the steps of the preparation, for to add them, later,  to the Giulio's Recipes Photography Book that is in process. when I start putting on the work desk the elements necessaries for the preparation, for the " group picture " that always I shoot at the beginning of each Recipe, I saw that the big Butter Squash, I found at the market, was an interesting subject for the Photographer eye, and not only for the Cook one, so I took a short serie of Photos of it, in different position and with different light Read More...

Meat Ravioli is almost a religion..!!

July 17th, 2010

For the Xmas holidays and some other, few, occasions, my Mom, Ada, was showing us what an Italian mom can produce for to delight her family.... So, normally, a couple of days before the " Great Event ", the order of the house was strongly modified by the appearing of unusual kitchen tools and the air was fulfilled by the aroma of several herbs and vegetables, awakening , if  it could be possible  to increase it in young boys of 7-13 years, our appetite Read More...

Lasagne is more than just Pasta, Beschamelle and Ragu’….!!

July 15th, 2010

Il Giardino Italian Restaurant Puerto Jimenez Osa peninsula tel ++ 506 2 735 51 29 After the Spaghetti and the Pizza, the Lasagne, or better, as the purist raccomend to call them : " pasticcio di lasagne " , is, without any doubt, the most famous plate of the Italian Cuisine. More than ten years ago, when we served the first ever Lasagna prepared in a  Restaurant in the Osa Peninsula, we opened a complete new vision about  " eating " for several locals than never imagined how to use that weird strips of  " maccaroni " ( this is the common name for any kind of Pasta in Costa Rica ) Read More...

Sushi Rolls in Puerto Jimenez at Il Giardino

July 11th, 2010

Costa Rica Italian Restaurant Il Giardino Puerto Jimenez Tel ++ 506 2 735 51 29 We believe that the Italian Cuisine is, very similar, for rigorous research of the best ingredients and, almost maniacal, devotion of its chefs for the original recipes, to only another Cuisine in the World : the Japanese one Read More...

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