Il Giardino – Italian Restaurant

The Only italian restaurant in the Osa Peninsula since 1999
Il Giardino -Italian Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, Tel 506 2 735 51 29 Fax 506 2 735 56 48 -------------------------------------Best Seafood, Homemade Pastas, Pizza in Town


October 19th, 2010

After several years and several kilos of different potatoes thrown in the garbage, I could finally found the right potato, flour, cooking system and balance of ingredient for to make Gnocchi. Everybody that tried to make Gnocchi, had to face some disaster before to reach the perfect balance of ingredients, and way to prepare them for to avoid to produce useless sticky pieces of flour that once in the boiling water, almost disappear or too compact shells that once boiled can be easily used as tank destroyer bullets, much better than the depleted plutonium ones Read More...

Star Fruit sauce for Ice cream Topping

July 31st, 2010

Il Giardino, Italian Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez Osa Peninsula Tel . ++ 506 2 735 51 29 A Friend of us, Celeste, from Argentina, spent some time here around and she produced, for her family use and for to sell to few local people, a delicious marmalade of Star Fruit. It was so good that we, at Il Giardino, bought some cans of it, for to use as topping for Ice cream we serve as one of our desserts, but Celeste flew away and we had to continue a tradition we started , so I began to work over a personal variation of Celeste's sauce, adding something here and there and voila' here is the New Star Fruit sauce 2 Read More...

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