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Bread, impossible to eat without it !!

October 20th, 2010

As every good Italian, I can’t eat a good plate of any kind of food without the accompaniment of Bread.

It is simply written in our DNA, from the old times wen the legion of Rome were marching toward the summer battle fields of northern Europe, the men were eating, most of the time, pure wheat from a bag, for don’ have to stop for to cook it and slow down the march, because timing was very important for them, they had to reach the battle field for the late spring, kill’em all before the end of summer and return to the warmer soil of Italy before the arrival of winter and its cold and snow…not at all a good weather for to go around in the northern forests..!!

So Wheat and Bread, became so fundamentals in the diet of everybody that until today in the Italian language everything is served in the plate is called ” companatico”¬† that means ” with the bread”, meaning that the Bread itself is the centre of the eating ritual.

If you go an Italian restaurant, in Italy, in the moment you take a seat, you are, automatically charged for ” pane¬† e coperto”, that means ” bread and table stuff “, it is a way for to charge for those costs like the washing of tablecloth and cutlery, and, for all the bread you will eat, and you can eat the amount you want, nobody never charge for the bread you eat, not even if it is really a lot of bread!

So, due to the fact that after so many years of eating all the kind of Bread available in a country where Bread is at the centre of the Human Food, I found a little difficult to have to deal with the weird interpretation of the Bread that are available in this country, and, as usual, we had to decide to produce our own Bread, for the Restaurant, obviously, but, more obviously, for the home .



If you want to do your personal Bread, you can find hundred of recipes of different kind of it, but our counsel is: stay simple and natural!

We use just six natural ingredients for our Bread: wheat flour, water, yeast, salt, butter and fire, and, as you can see form the picture above, the result is quite good….if you want to try it, maybe with some olive oil and fresh rosemary, you have to try it at our Restaurant: Il Giardino, the Only Italian Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez.

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