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Not Only Culinary Art at Il giardino

September 17th, 2010

Borucas Masks, are, probably, the most distinctive cultural element that help to spread the name and fame of this Indian Tribe indigenous of the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

The Boruca Indian Reservation is located just out of the boundaries of the Osa Peninsula, on the high Hills few kilometres North-West from Palmar Norte.

Some Boruca, inthe past years had become a friend of us, at Il Giardino, and several time per year, they come to Puerto Jimenez for bring us some of the best masks created by the Tribe Artisan.

Traditional Boruca Mask, a Diablillo, a representation of Animistic Spirits of Natural Elements

One of the Borucas Masks that are Present at Il Giardino, Italian Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez

During the last ten years, we collected some really interesting masks, that, often, Clients of the Restaurant, ask for to buy, receiving, always an educated, but firm, ” NO”.

So, we though that there is a way for to satisfy the need, that acculturated people have, when in presence of pure beauty, doesn’t matter if it is a Paint, a Photo, a plate of Ravioli or a Boruca Mask, that is to ask to our friend Borucas Artisans, to reproduce one the Masks we have.

Obviously, there is no way for to create a perfect copy of a similar Piece of Art, but, maybe, the new Mask, could be even better than the first one, so, if you are interested, visit the site: , choose the one you like and ask for an estimate, probably you will be on the way to become a lucky owner of a Great Piece of Ethnic art.

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