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Ragu’ or Bolognese ….

July 1st, 2010

…is it better to call this delicious meat sauce with the magic word of  ” RAGU’ ” or the more geolocatoring  ” BOLOGNESE “….?…this is the question….

Too much noise for nothing….would say somebody……

Doesn’t matter how do you call it, Ragu’ or Bolognese, this historical Italian sauce is a state of the art, if made following the rules and without taking any shortcut, of the World Gastronomy.

But it is necessary to be respectful of the ingredient list, the way to prepare it an the timing for to create a real Ragu’ sauce and not just a ” chunky sauce “….

For to transform this :

All-the-Ingredients-of-the-Ragu'-Italian-Sauce at Il Giardino, Italian Restaurant,-the-historical--meat-with-vegatables-sauce-for-pasta-recipes

All the Ingredients necessaries for to make a real Italian Ragu Sauce at il Giardino, Italian Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez

…into this :

All-the-Ingredients-of-the-Ragu'-Italian-Sauce at Il Giardino Italian Restaurant in Puerto jimeenz,-five-hours-later,-transformed,-after-16-more-steps-in-the-historical--meat-with-vegatables-sauce-for-pasta-recipes

A potful of the delicious Ragu Sauce Prepared at Il Giardino, Italian Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez

You just need is to follow all the more than 20 steps necessaries for to prepare the separate ingredients, the skill for to do it properly, a lot of love for your work and for your customers and the resistance for to mix the ingredients along more than five hours of process on the fire…..

….if you can do this, well, you will be able to enjoy the best sauce for a lasagna or a penne plate….if you can’t, well,  all what you have to do is to come to Il Giardino, Italian Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez.

Obviously the pictures of this post had been taken during a real preparation of a real Ragu’ Sauce, in our restaurant, and they will be part, soon, of a recipes book we will print for few passionate addicts to our food, so, the pictures are copyrighted.

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