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Bananas Grow Everywhere in the Osa Peninsula, but became a great dessert only at Il Giardino Italian Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez

August 25th, 2010

One of the most common, and economic fruits, even if the bananas are vegetables nobody can avoid to call them ” fruits”, available in the whole Osa Peninsula, as everywhere in Costa Rica, are, obviously, Bananas.

This doesn’t means that you can find this great fruit in every soda, or restaurant, and you can’t expect that this abundant fruit had been used in all the way that it deserve.


The Perfect Banana. Good Size, Consistent body, Small size spots, ready for to be part of the Bananabomba, the eclusive dessert of Il Giardino, Italian Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez , Osa Peninsula

We, at Il Giardino, as usual, like the unusual, and we worked for a couple of years around a new dessert that include the presence of the Banana as the principal ingredient, flavour and taste.

Finally we reach an almost perfect balance in this exclusive creation that, we are proudly offering, from one year or so, to our clients.

It takes several hour of work and almost 20 steps before to have the joy of see the first portion of this Unique Dessert served for the pleasure of our customers, but the comments are always a great payback for all our efforts.


A portion of the Bananabomba dessert, another exclusive creation of CHef Giulio at Il Giardino Italian Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula

Hope to see you soon at Il Giardino, here in Puerto Jimenez, for to have the opportunity to hear your comments about this dessert.

As several other exclusives recipes of Chef Giulio, this too, will be part of the Photographic book that is in process in these months.

We will inform you when the book will be ready from these pages.

Have a good time.

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