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Crab Ravioli with Crab sauce and Tomatoes

August 13th, 2010

We, at Il Giardino, are offering several of the most well known  Italian Recipes of Pasta, Fish and Meat, but when you don’t see us, we are working in the back studying, preparing and prove samples of new sauces, stuff for our ravioli or some new, intriguing Pizza.

We would have more time for this creative part of the work, but in a small Family Business, as our one  is, the routine activities, often, reduce the time available for experimenting.

Another issue that is limiting the experimentation is the availability of new products on the local market, and, more important, the consistency of the availability, that could made critical to have in the menu some recipe that became impossible to offer consistently because the irregularity of supply.

So, we have a limited possibility of spacing on the products normally available in a bigger town, even of this remote, tropical country, but we try, combining the basic elements, to create some magic alchemy that could satisfy our taste, frst of all, and then, be presented in our menu.


A plate of Crab Ravioli with Crab and Tomatoes Sauce, another exclusive creation of Chef Giuio, at Il Giardino, Italian Restaurant, Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula

The Crab Ravioli, with the Crab and Tomatoes Sauce, is one of the Exclusive creation of Giulio, that was working around this recipe in the last two years, first the stuff, and then the sauce, that now, at the final development, is needing an adjustment of the stuff, so, soon we will have the final-final version available…at least until Giulio will be not too bored for to try some other changes….

The actual release, anyway, is good enough for to obligate us to prepare, almost every week,a new batch of some dozen of portions, and it is one of the best seller plates of our humble menu.

Don’t forget about his plate, when visiting Il Giardino, the Only Italian Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez, since 1999.

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