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So Good Marlin Slabs deserve a New Recipe !!

August 6th, 2010

My friend Erick, from Puntarenas, brought me yesterday a beautiful piece of Marlin.
It was a so good piece of fresh fish meat that I decide to try with it a recipe that I was working around in the last weeks.
I notice that in our Menu, a little ambitious one, following my Wife Cecilia, there was a lack of some fish recipe with some really spicy taste, so I start doing some alchemy with several peppers, herbs, garlic and a variety of condensers for to create a white spicy sauce specific for fish recipes.
After some medium interesting results, I got a balanced sauce that fit with my idea and the arrival of this great piece Fish, was what I was needing for to start cooking the first serve of the new plate.

Fresh Marlin Slab for a new recipe of seafood at Il Giardino, Italian Restaurant in Puerto jimenez, Osa Peninsula

Fresh Marlin Slab for a new recipe of seafood at Il Giardino, Italian Restaurant in Puerto jimenez, Osa Peninsula

When the first ” Steak ” of Marlin,  prepared with butter and basil, and dressed with t he Spicy sauce , was in the dish, and we, Cecilia and be  proceeded to the ritual of the first tasting, we begun a race for to grab the most was possible, so good was the combination of the white, firm flesh and the combination of flavors of the sauce.

After a while, the question about what could be a good side dish for this fish, became the matter of a conversation, that finalize with the decision of to combine it with a Brandy flambe’ Carrots that I was studying in these days, a side dish that balance, with the natural sweetness of the Carrots, the strong spicy sauce, creating a taste break for to enjoy the next piece of fish , with renewed surprise.

So the final aspect of the new Recipe is the one you can see in this Photo :


The New Recipe of Fresh Marlin with Butter and Basil by Chef Giulio at Il Giardino, Italian restaurant in Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula

So, If you will be our guest in the next days, don’t be surprise if we will offer with some insistence this new plate, but we are burning for to see what clients will say about it.

See you soon…..

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