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Star Fruit sauce for Ice cream Topping

July 31st, 2010

Il Giardino, Italian Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez

Osa Peninsula

Tel . ++ 506 2 735 51 29

A Friend of us, Celeste, from Argentina, spent some time here around and she produced, for her family use and for to sell to few local people, a delicious marmalade of Star Fruit.

It was so good that we, at Il Giardino, bought some cans of it, for to use as topping for Ice cream we serve as one of our desserts, but Celeste flew away and we had to continue a tradition we started , so I began to work over a personal variation of Celeste’s sauce, adding something here and there and voila’ here is the New Star Fruit sauce 2.0


Carambola ( Star Fruit ) Slices create a Pattern nice enough to justify some Photography while Giulio was preparing the Exclusive Carambola Sauce at Il Giardino, Puerto Jimenez.

Carambola Fruits are available for a wide part of the year, in almost every backyard of Puerto Jimenez, and along the roads of the Osa Peninsula, representing a source of good fruit for refreshing natural drinks, but despite this abundance, it is very difficult to find some restaurant or soda that offer them in some way.

The fresh drink made with it , some sugar and Ice, is so good that we when we do some, it doesn’t last more than few minutes, and we never could sell one glass of it…weird eh?!



So, after some hour of cooking, the Star Fruits, become a marmalade the we serve as hot topping for the Vanilla Ice Cream ( the only Ice cream flavor allowed at Il Giardino), and the result is a great combination of sweet and acid , cold and hot, that you will have to prove, one of these days….

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