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Meat Ravioli is almost a religion..!!

July 17th, 2010

For the Xmas holidays and some other, few, occasions, my Mom, Ada, was showing us what an Italian mom can produce for to delight her family….

So, normally, a couple of days before the ” Great Event “, the order of the house was strongly modified by the appearing of unusual kitchen tools and the air was fulfilled by the aroma of several herbs and vegetables, awakening , if¬† it could be possible¬† to increase it in young boys of 7-13 years, our appetite …


The ingredients necessaries for to make the world famous Porcini Mushrooms Sauce, at Il Giardino, Italian Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula

…so, all the family was in a respectful, almost religious, condition of expectation, and when, finally Mom Ada started the preliminary operations, me, my brother and my Dad, appeared, as for magic, in the kitchen, with the aim of speed up the operation and shorten the waiting time that was separating us form the moment of the tasting of that Culinary Delight.

My Dad was en charged of the lever of the pasta maker, a real men work, and we , the kids where chopping and stealing little pieces of roasted pork….maybe for several hours the whole family was involved in the operation, and at the end my Mom was counting the number of ravioli made, and, proudly, announced the total, that was, always, a little more than the year before….great times, those ones ..!!

The ravioli where made, always, for to be cooked and eaten the next days, for the Xmas Lunch or for some other Red Letters Day, and the amount produced was always enough for to repeat for the dinner and the next day, maybe with some difference in the sauce, or cooked in a chicken broth….


Homemade Meat Ravioli, as ve serve at Il Giardino, Italian Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez, with the Porcini Mushrooms Sauce

Sometime, my Wife, Cecilia tell me that we have to reduce Our Menu because we have too many plates and some of them , like the Meat Ravioli, takes too time for to make them, and that, if we had to charge for the real cost of them, nobody would buy them again…I always says that it is true, but that this is not just a matter of making food and sell it…this is a kind of Religion…!!

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