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The Only italian restaurant in the Osa Peninsula since 1999
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Il Giardino, the Only Carbon Neutral Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez

June 20th, 2015

Pantation Gmelina Trees, Carbon Neutral, CO2 catching, Carbon Bond

Young Gmelina Trees in a Plantation for Carbon Catching, and create a Neutral CO2 Balance for the Il Giardino Italian Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez


Once again Il Giardino, the First and Only Italian restaurant in Puerto Jimenez, is rising the level for this kind of Business in the Osa Peninsula but not only.

In the last months we at Il Giardino Italian Restaurant, studied and defined the terms of a deal with a local Farmer for to ” buy” or better “rent”a number of young Gmelina trees for to catch the carbon that our business is producing for its activity, and trap it from the atmosphere inside the wood of their trunks.

In the Tropic a plantation tree is fixing inside the cells of the wood of its trunk an average of 22-25 kilograms per year of CO2, caught  from the air that he ” breathe ” during the Photosynthesis process .

We calculate with the help of a program, like the Carbon Footprint Calcualtor, the amount of the CO2 we produce per year for to be able to serve our Legendary Plates, and we get our Carbon Footprint in Tons of CO2 produced through the restaurant operations, transports, cooling, conditioning of our Guest Rooms, down to the power needed for to fill the Table area with the soft, nice music.


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So we found that we had to ” rent” at least 119 trees for to compensate with their ” catching” the CO2 we produce, but, just for to stay on the safe side, we rented 250!!

In the future years these trees will grow fast and fix the CO2 in their wood, that, once they will be mature, will be transformed in boards,planks, furniture, or any other thing that will retain the CO2 for many many years, reducing a little the Greenhouse effect that is destroying the life, as we know it, on our Planet.

The farm where we rented our trees has many more available …if some of you, for to do a real act for the change, would rent some of them, and going Carbon Neutral, please, be free to contact us…we will be happy to help anybody to try to save Planet Earth!!!

….and, remember, that from now, when you will have some of our plates, you would be sure you will not produce any damage to the World.



Fine Meat Cuts Grilled Italian-Argentinian Style at Il Giardino

March 27th, 2014

The Finest and selected Cuts of the best Cattle of the Osa Peninsula, are now available at Il Giardino Restaurant and Grill in Puerto Jimenez, prepared, marinated and Grilled with the Traditional Italian Style that made famous in the World the FIORENTINA  Cut!! [caption id="attachment_341" align="alignleft" width="642"] The Best Cuts of the Finest Meat of the Osa Peninsula, free range Cattle, are now available at Il Giardino Restaurant and Grill, prepared and cooked following the Italian Style[/caption]                         After several Years of research for the best cuts of Local Free Range Cattle, we can offer a selection of the Finest Meats, cut and prepared following the Antique Tradition of the Italian Cuisine, the same that made Famous in the Whole World the Fiorentina Cut, a piece of the back of the Cow, that has the two pieces of meat commonly known as Tenderloin and Short Loin Read More...

Hydroponic at Il Giardino for Basil, Greenn Beans, Celery Production

November 5th, 2013

  [caption id="attachment_328" align="alignleft" width="553"] Hydroponic Clean, perfect Basil for Il Giardino Exclusive Pesto Recipe[/caption] Even if we, in the Osa Peninsula, have conditions so favourable for traditional and Organic production of vegetables and fruits, it is a good idea to integrate these system with an Hydroponic or, even better, an Acquaponic  system, for to produce that specific vegetable that could have problems with the natural conditions and need a special environment in term of PH and Nutrients that only Hydroponic can obtain Read More...

Now we have Rooms for Rent at Il Giardino ….en la Playa !!

December 18th, 2012

Beachfront Rooms and Restaurant [caption id="attachment_315" align="aligncenter" width="819" caption="One of the Rooms at Il Giardino Restaurant on the Beach , they face the mangrove Forest where Birds and Monkey live"][/caption] We have recently remodelled four wide rooms , all with private bath, hot water and air conditioned Read More...

Il Giardino Italian Restaurant moved to the Beach!!!

February 21st, 2012

Yes, we moved to this new and exciting location!! We are offering our legendary dishes and we improved the Seafood selection. and now the Lasagne, tagliatelle, Pappardelle  and Maltagliati are made on the fly and cooked at the moment, including the lasagne, in their new single portion presentation Read More...

Crustoli!!…. a South Italy swetness following mamma Rosa Recipe

March 5th, 2011

When we were child, not centuries ago, one of the biggest pleasures we had, for Christmas time, was a gentle gift of one of our neighbours, donna Rosa De Marco, under the form of a jar of Crustoli, a very interesting and tasty kind of small pies, prepared following the ancient recipe that, with all the possibilities, was coming from the ancient Greece culture, that dominated Calabria for centuries before the rising of Roman Empire Read More...

Great Music with Ruben Pagura for end of the year Holidays

December 28th, 2010

As every year for the last 11, the great Actor,  Author and Singer  Ruben Pagura, come to stay some days with us, enjoying the beginning of the summer and share some nice moment entertaining us, at Il Giardino, with his music and presence. [caption id="attachment_271" align="alignleft" width="614" caption="Ruben-Pagura,-the-great-Actor-and-Singer,-at-Il-Giardino-Italian-Restaurant-in-Puerto-Jimenez,-Osa-Peninsula Read More...

Bread, impossible to eat without it !!

October 20th, 2010

As every good Italian, I can't eat a good plate of any kind of food without the accompaniment of Bread. It is simply written in our DNA, from the old times wen the legion of Rome were marching toward the summer battle fields of northern Europe, the men were eating, most of the time, pure wheat from a bag, for don' have to stop for to cook it and slow down the march, because timing was very important for them, they had to reach the battle field for the late spring, kill'em all before the end of summer and return to the warmer soil of Italy before the arrival of winter and its cold and snow Read More...


October 19th, 2010

After several years and several kilos of different potatoes thrown in the garbage, I could finally found the right potato, flour, cooking system and balance of ingredient for to make Gnocchi. Everybody that tried to make Gnocchi, had to face some disaster before to reach the perfect balance of ingredients, and way to prepare them for to avoid to produce useless sticky pieces of flour that once in the boiling water, almost disappear or too compact shells that once boiled can be easily used as tank destroyer bullets, much better than the depleted plutonium ones Read More...

Not Only Culinary Art at Il giardino

September 17th, 2010

Borucas Masks, are, probably, the most distinctive cultural element that help to spread the name and fame of this Indian Tribe indigenous of the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The Boruca Indian Reservation is located just out of the boundaries of the Osa Peninsula, on the high Hills few kilometres North-West from Palmar Norte Read More...

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